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SECURALL® offers many accessories to outfit your door to ensure the best experience in its intended use.

Anchor Types:

Floor Anchor
Pipe Anchor
Stud Anchor

T-Anchor- Used for Masonry Construction. The anchor is used for “new” construction when constructing the wall around the door frame. (Standard)

Floor Anchor- Welded to bottom of frame on the inside. Used for jobs where desired anchoring method is to anchor the frame to the floor. Used in conjunction with another anchoring method as shown above.

Pipe Anchor- Welded to frame. Used for Steel, Wood or Masonry construction. Best used when wall opening already exists and door is to be installed into a pre-existing opening.  (Optional)

Stud Anchor- Used for Steel or Wood Construction. The anchor is wrapped around the stud and then can be fastened by either nails or screws. (Standard)

Hinge Types:

Ball Bearing Hinge
Butt Hinge
Geared Hinges
Pin Hinge
Spring Hinge

4-1/2” x 4-1/2” Ball Bearing Hinges: Used on Fire Rated doors to allow for free movement with the door closer.

4-1/2” x 4-1/2” Butt Hinges: Used on Non-Rated doors.

Continuous Geared Hinges: Used for large heavy door panels to insure secure attachment to the frame.

4-1/2” x 4-1/2” Non Removable Pin Hinges: Used for security to insure the door will not be removed from frame.

4-1/2” x 4-1/2” Self Closing Spring Hinges: Used to replace a door closer either on Fire Rated or Non-Rated doors. The hinges will automatically close the door.


Knob Style
Lever Style
Mortise Lockset

Knob Style Lockset: Entry, passage or storeroom functions available in Grade 1 and 2 (Stainless Steel Finish Standard)

Lever Style Lockset: L shaped handle entry, passage or storeroom function available in Grade 1 and 2 (Brushed Chrome Finish Standard)

Mortise Lockset: L shaped handle entry function with deadbolt lock included as a single piece assembly available in Grade 1 and 2 (Brushed Chrome Finish Standard)

Exit Device:
Panic (Push) Bar hardware. Available in Grade 1 and 2 (Stainless Steel Finish Standard)

Trim Handles:     Lever, Pull Bar or None (Exit only door) available as options to complete the Exit device package.

Push and Pulls: Non-latching push & pull set. Push plate for easy opening of door (Stainless Steel) and Pull to quickly open the door from opposite side (Stainless Steel Finish).


Locking option available in Grade 1 and 2 (Brushed Chrome Finish Standard) (Other styles and functions of locksets are available upon request)

Door Closer:

Automatic: Used to automatically close the door after opened.

Automatic with Hold Open: Automatically closes the door, but once pushed past “set” angle, the door will remain held open.

Automatic Fire Rated with Hold Open: Used for fire rated doors that sometimes may need to be held open and do not always need to be closed, but the fusible link will allow the door to shut if a fire should occur.

Automatic Door Closer with Electromagnetic Hold Open: Electromagnetic Hold Open is used in conjunction with a Standard Automatic Door Closer. The Electromagnetic Hold Open is used to keep the door held open until the door is either manually closed, or when a fire alarm is triggered and the hold open is deactivated allowing the door closer to close the door.

Automatic Door Closer


Stainless Steel Kick Plates are available in many sizes to fit any door. Standard kick plates are 10" high and are cut to fit the width of each door.



Weather Stripping:
Self-Adhesive: Press on material used to seal the door to frame to help with exterior wind, weather and insect control

Screw On: Material that is attached to the soffit of the frame with screws used to seal the door and frame to help with exterior wind, weather and insect control

Door Sweep:
Used in conjunction with weather stripping to help seal the bottom of the door when closed will help to keep wind, weather and bugs from entering.
Use in conjunction with the door sweep to keep out wind and water, as well as separate rooms. Also the threshold will help to make separations in rooms. Thresholds are " in height and are ADA compliant ideal for wheel chair accessible area's as well as high traffic locations where wheels are used.
Non-Rated Doors: Foam board insulation is used to thermally insulate the door. The foam board has an R value of 9.
Fire Rated Doors: Fiberglass/Mineral Wool board insulation is used to thermally insulate the door and carries an R value of 6.375.
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Overall height of assembly measures 2" or 4" more (depends on the header selected) than door height.
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