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Doors play an important role in limiting the danger and damage of fires. Hollow metal doors are excellent at containing the flames and smoke of fires. Securall manufactures hollow metal doors that are fire-rated for up to three hours. The fire rating classification of the wall into which the door is installed dictates the required fire rating of the door. Steel fire doors are rated by time that a door can withstand exposure to fire test conditions. Hourly ratings include 3/4-hour, 1-1/2-hours with the maximum rating required of any swinging type fire door being three hours. Metal doors with 3/4-hour fire protection ratings are used in one-hour walls. Steel Doors rated for 1-1/2 hours are found in 2 hour rated walls. A Metal door with a three-hour fire protection rating is usually found in four hour rated walls.

What does a fire rating mean? What do the Label Levels Stand For?
Hourly ratings represent the duration of the fire test and the amount of exposure during the fire test.

  1. A label: 3-hour rating (for 4-hour wall):  A labeled steel doors are used primarily for openings in walls that separate buildings that are joined together.
  2. B label 1 ½-hour rating (for 2-hour wall): B labeled steel doors are used primarily for stairwell doors and sometimes are used for other doors in a building (i.e. mechanical or electrical rooms).
  3. C label ¾ -hour rating (for 1-hour wall): C labeled steel doors are used primarily for openings from a corridor into another room in the same building.
  4. D label 1 ½-hour rating (for a 2-hour wall): D labeled steel doors are used primarily for exterior walls subject to severe fire exposure from the outside of the building.
  5. E label ¾-hour rating (for 1-hour wall): E labeled steel doors are primarily for exterior walls subject to moderate to light fire exposure from the outside of the building.

What are the basic requirements for a fire rated door and frame assembly?
Approved hinges, self-latching lockset and labeled self-closing device are required according to the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAAMM).

Where is Securall® Doors Located?
Securall® Doors are manufactured in La Porte, Indiana, and for our customers near us we offer a customer pick up service once the doors are completed.

Does Securall® Doors manufacture custom Fire Rated doors?
Securall® Doors is a leading manufacture in custom size, configuration, fire ratings and styles of doors. We can manufacture to most specifications depending on the fire rating of the doors. We can also manufacture Stainless Steel doors. Our doors are manufactured by skilled workers who pride themselves on the quality products we produce.

How long will it take to receive my door?
Because of our manufacturing style we can produce most standard sizes in 3-4 weeks and customs in 6-8 weeks. We keep our custom design lead times so low because the doors are built as they are ordered and the approval drawing process insures that we produce the proper door the first time.

Can I see my door before it's built?
No problem! We prepare an approval drawing on every order to insure that you can see the door you are receiving and we do not begin production until the drawing is approved and returned to us for production.

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